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I really liked most of what was presented here except the art, which was very functional but not very inspired or stylized. I had a few "fuck yea" moments and enjoyed all that i played. Music is great!

At first, I'd call it a five star game. i felt like quitting after i died the first time, but decided that the game probably wouldn't last much longer anyways, and i was right.

On the surface level it has a lot going for it, no reasonable complaints about the mechanics, audio, etc. Why only 3.5? nothing here felt innovative, nothing leaves a lasting impression. could use more design depth, or a less obviously lazy narrative. I feel like this game was made with the impression that "people don't play games on newgrounds longer than a few minutes anyways."

There's a lot of fun to be had with the mechanics, so it's a shame that they're packaged as such a 5 minute novelty.

Any sort of challenge would've been nice.

The "Boss" feels like a comment from the makers of the game. "we wanted to keep making this game, but adult swim said hey devs, we have to put this out by friday, so it's done when we say it is.

Has the newgrounds landscape become that corporate?

excellent music!! game is fun, wish i didn't have to restart from the beginning. I like the difficulty curve, don't get me wrong, but the early stages are too easy and boring to make me want to keep wading through when i lose at the later ones.

ilMareGames responds:

I licensed the ingame music from an artist called Renegade8 (album Dark City), you can download the entire album for free =)

As for the restart hassle, there'll be a consumable powerup to "revive" the player in the shop in a later release.

Thanks for your review!

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